What I learned from testing a few Google Search ads

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Testing Google Ads

I decided to run a quick test on Google Ads for a few reasons:

  • Get more familiar with running ads on Google

  • Get a few more users running through the product to get feedback and highlight areas to improve

  • See if anyone will magically convert to a paid user

Here are some of the key stats of the test:

  • Duration: about 2 days

  • Impressions: 3.48k

  • Clicks: 481

  • Total cost: £27.07

  • Average CPC: £0.06

  • Conversion from landing page to creating profile: 1.6% (compared to the usual ~5%)

  • Conversion from landing page to start sign up funnel: 62% (compared to 15% the previous week)

I think that one reason for the low conversion for creating a profile is that the ads did not set the expectation clearly enough that this was not a traditional CV/resume maker, and that instead you need to use your Linkedin profile which will create a CV/resume in the form of a landing page, not a DOCX or PDF.

This is reflected in some of the feedback from the live chat messages (courtesy of Crisp) who were asking a lot around how they can create their resume, and how to proceed if they do not have a Linkedin profile.

I think I am going to reverse the funnel so that the getting data from Linkedin step actually happens before they create their profile. This was they can see the profile that is created and then decide if they want to create a profile to save it or not. This allows users to see the value of the product as quickly as possible.

Overall, it's been really cool to see a reasonable amount of traffic come through, I've learnt a lot about Google Search ads, and it's led to some great insights for how to improve from here.

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