Marketing isn't all about launching on ProductHunt...

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Launching a startup takes more than just ProductHunt's about launching on other sites too!

A slight tongue in cheek post but a few weeks ago I submitted Vitaely to a bunch of launching websites and startup directories. I thought it might be a low effort way to get a nice bit of traffic.

So far there's not been too much activity apart from on BetaList, Vitaely has been in the Trending Startups section for three days. It has led to a great stream of steady traffic and sign ups; over 50 accounts have been created in the last few days!

No paid conversions from this traffic as yet but I have had some useful feedback via the built-in feedback form and live chat.

Traffic has been from all over the place with a large amount from the USA as you would expect, but there has been a heavily outsized amount of traffic from Italy. Not sure if BetaList is just popular there, someone with an Italian network has shared it, or something else but it is an interesting thing to note, especially if you happen to be looking at the Italian market.

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